Tritsimpida venue is set in lush surroundings of 22 acres of olive groves. The main reception venue stretches in over 4 acres and is located exactly in front of the traditional, cobblestone Tritsimpida's house.


In the heart of Barbasena, in the region of Ileia. Just 5km away from Pyrgos and 22km from Ancient Olympia. The venue is easily accessible either via Pyrgos-anc.Olympia National road, or Pyrgos-Kyparissia National road.


The venue is laid in a flat space, with no dividing walls, which surround the cobblestone dance floor of 55cm2. You can have clear visibility of all your guests and the venue can provide area for seated dinner of up to 1200 people and up to 1500 people for finger food. The indoor space can provide for 500 people in two opposite looking, stone built constructions with chandeliers. There is a special indoor space for the catering and staff preparation. There are also lit accent walls with various selected portraits, a display area for your themed presentations and various LED, multicolored lightning, as well as 2 acres of lawn in two levels (dimmer lit).


Located in a specially designed space in the venue, just a few steps away from the heart of the reception, suitable for up to 170 cars. In the outer part and about of the venue, space is provided to park buses and many more vehicles. Depending on the number of your guests there are expert valets that will help you park instantly and securely. Also, they keep your cars safe during the reception.



No time limit. Party all day and all night long and have the time of your lives...


Four separate cabins for men and women and cleaning crew for the whole duration of the reception. In addition, the toilets are suitable for people with special needs. Our top priority is the sanitation of this special space. The toilets are always supplied and fresh - the fresh odor of the facilities make its use pleasant by your guests.