Tritsimpida venue


Your reception into the venue is performed by a professional dancer, dressed in the traditional Greek costume, he welcomes you with a warm smile and guides you through the main reception hall. As you enter, a traditional, welcome drink (rakomello, ouzo) awaits you. After you walk around the venue, under the sound of Greek music, you take a sit at your table and dinner serving begins with a buffet full of affluent, traditional food, original Greek recipes made of pure ingredients and by experienced chefs. After such a filling dinner, fruit and traditional sweets are followed by the fun part of the evening. A group consisted of five professional dancers enthuse you into a special dance program, which lasts for one and a half hour and includes traditional and local dances, such as tsamiko, thrakiotiko, pontiako, balo, kalamatiano, pentozali, chasapiko, zeimpekiki and syrtaki. By the end of the night we are sure that apart from the "opa", not only will you have fun, but also you will have learnt some of our traditional dances. The pictures with our dancers, dressed in their traditional costumes is a memory you will keep forever.