Tritsimpida Wedding Venue Greece Peloponnese

Tritsimpida Wedding Venue Greece Peloponnese

Are you scheduling your vacation or organizing o short tour in our prefecture, or do you just want to experience a special event in our land? Whatever the case, it is certain that you, your family and your friends, who trusted you to choose for them, want to have a fantastic time.

The prefecture of Ileia has a variety of options to choose from, and that leaves you confused. Should you trust the professionalism that they promise you, space aesthetics through pictures or does the most economical suggestion is a safe motive for your final choice?

Tritsimpida venue consists of young people, top at what they do. The venue belongs to Tasos and me, his wife, Eirini. Tasos was born in Venezuela and started his professional career as a tourist guide with groups in Spain, Italy and Portugal, for a decade. He is very familiar with the needs of every traveler and how he can turn their trip into an unforgettable experience. I am involved in the field of Marketing, publishing and especially magazines that have to do with wedding receptions and catering. Having the strong desire to decentralize, since 2007, we have decided to utilize the venue, which was handed down to my husband by his grandfather, the so called Tritsimpidas. Tritsimpidas was a notable, in his era, a man of great history, who greatly contributed to the local community and even had a folklore (kalamatiano) song written to honor his name.

With great respect for the history of the place, we utilized the venue so as to share with you special moments. Your wedding reception or a traditional feast in an elegant space with vivid local culture, are experiences that will accompany you forever.

Think of what you really ask of a place like this in order to trust it...

Οργάνωση Δεξιώσεων Γάμου Εκδηλώσεων Πελοπόνησσος

Getting Married In Greece Tritsimpida Venue

  • Firstly, to be of your liking, to inspire and enchant you and your people. Also, to be functional. To be comfortable for children, elderly people without being crammed or isolated from the point of interest and the event, in general.
  • To be easily accessible. You must already have a story to tell about searching for a place, looking for signs to show you where you are, and only by guessing or asking did you find the place at last. Once you are there, you should be able to relax and enjoy a nice, hearty meal of filling, warm portions. With refreshments and wine that will not wait for hours to be served nor ashtrays fuller than your own plate. The chef of the venue and his crew will take you to the moon and back, with all the flavors of the quality food and affluent drinks that will have for you.
  • Such a nice meal is always accompanied by an idyllic atmosphere and music that will not be deafening but will entertain you, the Greek way. Our official dancing crew will guide you through all the popular Greek dances and will familiarize you with the traditional Greek way of entertainment.


Does it sound interesting?

If you think that we can reach your expectations, please contact us and let us inform you about our prices and anything else that troubles you.

Wedding Venue In Greece Peloponnese

Wedding Venue In Greece Peloponnese